Port of Kapellskar

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Kapellskar, Stockholms Lan, Sweden)

Two ferry routes go from Kapellskar port to Finland; both are operated by Viking Line, a quality car / passenger ferry company.

The busiest service goes to Mariehamn on Aland, while Turku on the Finish mainland is also served.

Kapellskar to Mariehamn (Aland)

There are two crossings per day from the Port of Kapellskar to Mariehamn on the island of Aland in Finland, with a journey time of 2 hours, 30 minutes. The Port of Mariehamn resides on the southwest of Aland Island and facilities include a restaurant, bar, toilets and a taxi stand. The town of Mariehamn is not far away from the port and has a selection of shops and restaurants, as well as a currency exchange booth and tourist information centre.

Kapellskar to Turku

From Mariehamn, ferries run on to Turku in mainland Finland and there are direct crossings from Kapellskar to Turku in the summer months; journey time is approximately 10 hours. Turku has a busy port lying on the southwestern edge of mainland Finland; it is well-equipped with a cash machine, a café and a children's playground.

Kapellskar Port

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